Sunday, August 1, 2010

PiXeeeelLLLLLL 3.0

hello.. okey this is the pixeeeellll 3rd picture..This picture is actually taken while ago when me and bubba went to visit i-city..

24mm focal lenght, 0.013(1/80) shutter speed, aperture at f/4.5 and the iso setting at hi:1..strictly no flash.

what a stunning city of light.. we arrived there quite late at about 1 am in the morning.. most people are marching out from the i-city but both of us silently sneak in.. hahaha.. but surprisingly there are still stores open.. i like the idea of uptown and night market been held there and the environment there is really happening.. i enjoyed taking pictures and site seeing.. below are some others picture taken at that time.

ape ade di i-city.. hehe

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