Monday, December 20, 2010

good bye blacko and hi blackey

hem lame tak menulis.. tetibe rinie ako teringat kat myvi ku blacko.. u serve me well blacko.. but i have to let you go because i need to full fill my destiny as a rider.. adehhhh.. rider la sgt.. welcome my blackey.. been with you for 3 months, and you never failed me.. hikhikhik

bubbye blacko

howdy mate!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

PiXeeeelLLLLLL 4.0

Assalamualaikum...Well tetibe mase melihat gambo2 yg penah diambil dulu ako terpaut pade gambo nie..

55mm focal lenght, 0.067s(1/15) shutter speed, aperture of f/5.0 and iso setting at 1600.. no flash used..

hem person in this picture is my cousin Kak Ani.. cantek kan tapi die dah jadi pinangan org.. well this picture taken 1 and half month ago at seremban during her engagement ceremony.. i done a bit of editing just to make in look awesome.. haha.. hopefully one day i can be a wedding photographer.. hehehe..

oh before i forget i would like to post a picture of my wife cuz zetty. this picture takes after the akad nikah ceremony at the masjid negeri kedah.. hehehe.. congratulation zetty..

this picture taken at 39mm focal lenght, 0.067s(1/15) shutter speed, aperture of f/4.2 and iso setting of Hi:1 and no flash used..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

PiXeeeelLLLLLL 3.0

hello.. okey this is the pixeeeellll 3rd picture..This picture is actually taken while ago when me and bubba went to visit i-city..

24mm focal lenght, 0.013(1/80) shutter speed, aperture at f/4.5 and the iso setting at hi:1..strictly no flash.

what a stunning city of light.. we arrived there quite late at about 1 am in the morning.. most people are marching out from the i-city but both of us silently sneak in.. hahaha.. but surprisingly there are still stores open.. i like the idea of uptown and night market been held there and the environment there is really happening.. i enjoyed taking pictures and site seeing.. below are some others picture taken at that time.

ape ade di i-city.. hehe

Thursday, July 29, 2010

blackberry freak..

hello.. today kite tesimpang skit.. hem actually after months i finally admit that i am a blackberry freak.. damn i love everything about blackberry.. blackberry devices mostly are not that fancy in design but the functionality is awesome. damn i can't really imagine the day without one..


actually i first hit my eye on blackberry devices since year 2006, when working at celcom tower at jalan semarak.. during that period the blackberry devices are mostly used by the business man and professionals. same goes 2007 and early 2008.. but in middle 2008 the brand start to become more and more popular and its start to hit on the teenagers and up till now blackberry have become a trend for the youngsters.

the existing of social networking websites and instant messaging really help in the success of blackberry. blackberry are well know with it capability for emailing, facebook and YM.. and i think most of the blackberry user found out they can save some money by using BBM, because now a days the cost for texting are high.

i myself start to use blackberry last march, this year and i am loving it. i used blackberry curve 8900..without noticing it i have convince numbers of friend to used the device and most of the time they refer me to get an opinion to choose a blackberry device that meets their style. my wife used to call me gadget freak, because i loveeeee gadget.. its fills me inside.. but my interest are focused on the blackberry. i dont care about androids or iphone.. i love to mingle with it for a while but i will be back to my blackberry for real.. hahaha..

first day me and you

just a week ago i bought my wife a blackberry device as a bday present. her bday is actually on 18 may but i delayed the present to buy the blackberry device. i bought bold 9700 for her and she loving it... she's now can be seen everywhere with her blackberry..


huh that is all for today.. i just want to express my love of blackberry... i have a friend name edizul that always become the listener of my interest for the blackberry device.. ask me anything about blackberry.. specs or rumors.. i may know it all.. hahahaha.. damn i can't wait for blackberry torch/bold/ slider 9800... wihuuuuuuuu